Man In Middle Of -20c Forest In Underwear 'after His Wife Hid His Clothes'

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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A man wearing nothing but underpants, a necklace and a gun slung over his back was filmed racing through a snowy forest in -20c after his wife hid his clothes to try to stop him from hunting.

But despite having no clothes the man was so intent on chasing prey that he jumped on his snowmobile to search for wolves in the Ural mountains in Russia.

He could not even find socks before leaving home in freezing temperatures but wore sandals on his otherwise bare feet.

When another man spotted the bizarre sight, he took out his camera and filmed the man approach before he stopped him and asked why he was naked.

The man said that his wife had tried to stop him from leaving the house to hunt wolves by hiding his clothes so he had decided to go out naked.

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