Atlanta Crowd ERUPTS After 50 Shades of Gray's New Movie Please Instead of Black Panther

Posted by moku 2 years ago in Funny
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A packed movie theater in Atlanta was treated to the first 10 minutes of Fifty Shades Freed instead of Black Panther and the crowd was not amused. One Marvel fan just keeps shouting, "No!" over and over again. The two movies could not be more different than each other and one has to wonder how a mix up like that could ever happen in the first place, especially on the opening night of Black Panther, a movie that people have been looking forward to for months.

One moviegoer took to social media to share a few videos from the first 10 minutes of Fifty Shades Freed with a crowd both laughing and angry at the same time. There are many people laughing, but there are just as many who are shouting and displaying their disgust with the mishap. A few people went and told the theater manager and the movie was changed to Black Panther. However, why did it take 10 minutes for that changeover to occur? 10 minutes of Fifty Shades Freed sounds like an eternity.

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