66 DEAD! Iranian Plane Crashes into the Side of a Mountain

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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An Aseman Airlines plane carrying 66 passengers and crew has crashed into a mountain in central Iran, killing everyone on board.

The airline confirmed there were no survivors after the ATR 72 aircraft went down and vanished from radar on Sunday morning.

One child was said to be among those on board.

The plane was flying from the capital Tehran to Yasuj when it crashed into the Desa mountain in Isfahan province about 50 minutes after take-off.

Victims' families were given the devastating news as they waited to greet their loved ones at the airport in Yasuj.

A passenger on board the doomed plane was reported to have sent a chilling final photo to his girlfriend just before take-off.

The young man snapped an image of the plane’s wings and propellers, and wrote: “May God protect us to arrive safe."

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