Mum's terror as scrambler bikers confront drivers

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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This is the moment terrified drivers were ambushed at a roundabout by a gang of riders on scrambler bikes.

Dashcam footage taken by driver Mark Andrew, who was travelling through Rainford on Rainford Road, shows a group of around 10 off-road bikers blocking cars trying to cross a roundabout, and riding back and forwards across the junction on Sunday.

One mum, who was caught up in the incident, admitted she had 'never been more scared in her life' as the bikes tried to force her off the road.

Two bikers then mount can be seen mounting anearby embankment and reving their engines, spraying the cars with soil as their tyres rip up the grass.

One passenger in a car gets out to seemingly confront the illegal riders, after which they disperse, but not before again spraying cars with soil as they go, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Mr Andrew said: “It was very intimidating and scary. A person in the car in front got out and it looked like she confronted them.”

Another driver was confronted by a group of scrambler bikers, who kicked and punched her car, while she drove down the East Lancashire Road.

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