Arrest And Uncovering Of Computer Hardware As 'Mastermind Of Global Cybercrime Gang' Caught

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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The alleged Ukrainian mastermind of a global cybercrime gang - who is said to have once operated from London - has been arrested by police after a daring raid.

Hennadiy Kapkanov, 35, is alleged to have headed the notorious Avalanche criminal network - who it's claimed have made untold amounts of cash by stealing passwords from vulnerable Internet users.

The scheme gave cybercriminals the ability to launch malware campaigns to steal banking passwords or engage in money laundering, police have claimed.

It was designed to be undetectable by law enforcement.

The FBI said the scam’s seven year operation led to hundreds of millions of dollars being stolen after infecting 500,000 computers a day worldwide.

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