Samurai sword-wielding 'children' launch terrifying attack on defenceless shopkeeper

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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Samurai sword-wielding 'children' in masks launch a terrifying attack on a defenceless shopkeeper as he desperatel ytries to fend them off.

The gang of yobs, who were also brandishing a hammer, burst into the shop in Merseyside and took a swing at the shop assistant.

Chilling CCTV footage shows one of the hooded thugs point a Samurai sword at the worker's throat.

The robber with the sword slashes and hacks it through the air at the shop assistant, while another man points a hammer at him.

In the footage the shop owner tries to stop the gang, who begin to raid his counter top of items, but he narrowly avoids having his arm chopped up by the thug armed with the sword.

Meanwhile the other two members of the armed gang filled up bags of mobile phone products from the smashed counter.

Bravely, the shop assistant steps forward and tries to thwart the gang, while seemingly making a phone call to police on a tablet device.

The man with the sword continues to slash it through the air as he leaves the shop.

The gang are then seen to run out of the front of the shop, however instead of immediately fleeing they then begin to use their weapons to smash the front window before running away.

The armed attack happened on February 22, at around 6.30pm, at Top Class Shoe Repairs, in Walton Vale, Merseyside.

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