Crowd Erupts in Boos after a Transgender Boy Wins the Texas Girls Wrestling Championship for the 2nd Time

Posted by moku 2 years ago in FAIL!
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Mac Biggs, a 17 year-old transgender boy, was named the top female wrestler in the 110-pound weight class for the state of Texas.

Biggs has been undergoing HRT as part of his transitioning process.

His testosterone surge gives him a massive advantage over girls, as he “manhandles” opponents with ease. Several female wrestlers have forfeited their matches rather than compete with Biggs.

One opponent’s father filed a lawsuit to convince the authorities to allow Biggs to wrestle boys.

According to the Washington Post, crowds have booed Biggs as he competed. During his semifinal match, a coach asked, “If you really want to be a boy, why don’t you wrestle the boys?”

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