Twitch gamer sparks outrage by casually admitting she DELIBERATELY killed someone’s dog

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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A California online gamer who posts live-streams on the popular video gaming platform Twitch casually admitted that she once killed a person’s dog on purpose while she was employed as a veterinary technician.

During a live-stream interview Tuesday on Twitch, an Amazon-owned website where people can make money from donations by streaming themselves playing video games, host Rajj Patel asked three female gamers what’s the worst thing they have ever done.

The two other ladies, Jenna and FT Bella, said they weren’t sure but gamer Simone Scott, known online as Aqua, said that she once killed an animal - a confession that has since caused outrage in the gaming community.

‘Well, I used to work as a veterinary technician so I once killed someone’s dog,’ she said, adding, ‘on purpose.’

When Patel asked Scott was she sure it was on purpose, she responded: ‘No one knew because I’m a professional.'

‘Oh my God, oh no, that’s really bad,’ Patel said. ‘I’m gonna pretend like you didn’t say that.’

Scott, smiling, brushed it off telling the host that she didn't like the dog's owner.

‘It was a really bad person,’ she said.

‘I know but, like, Jesus,’ Patel responded. ‘The poor dog.’

The video, which was shared on Twitter by gaming host Dion Anderson, has sparked outrage in the community with many gamers demanding Twitch deactivate Scott’s profile. As of Thursday, her account was still active on the platform but it says Scott hasn’t used it since the interview was streamed online.

‘Streamer @AqualaGamer admits to killing someone’s dog while she was a veterinarian because she didn’t like them. And no remorse or sense of guilt at all? What kind of f***ed up sociopathic s*** is this,’ Anderson tweeted. ‘I mean giiiiirl you gotta be a WHOLE other kind of evil to just nonchalantly go on about some s*** like this.’

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