CNN Forgets the Fast and Furious Scandals Name While Acting As If Eric Coulter Was an Essential Member to the Obama Administration

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CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Jackie Kucinich dismissed the Obama-era “Fast and Furious” scandal, in which the administration allowed the sale of U.S. arms to Mexican drug cartels, on air Tuesday.

The two were responding to comments from President Obama, in which he claimed in a speech at MIT that his administration was scandal-free:

One of the things I’m proud of in my administration was the fact that, and I think these things are connected, we didn’t have a scandal that, you know, embarrassed us. There were mistakes. We’d screw up. But there wasn’t anything during eight years.

Kucinich mentioned that there were scandals in the administration but said, “When you’re talking about the core staff, he’s probably right.” The analyst brought up Benghazi but failed to mention any others before saying, “The Mexican gun runners – I’m losing the name of it at the moment.”

“The guns. The Eric Holder issue when he was attorney general related to the gun running,” Cillizza jumped in.

“There were issues. However, when you’re talking about the core people, no, you didn’t hear the same sniping. There wasn’t the palace intrigue that you hear with [the Trump] administration,” Kucinich continued.

Apparently, the office of Attorney General does not qualify as a core member of the presidential administration, according to CNN.

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