Elderly woman on mobility scooter jumps red light, rides onto motorway and tries to outrun police

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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A concerned driver who spotted an elderly woman riding a mobility scooter along a busy road helped save her life.

The OAP weaved in and out of traffic, jumped a red traffic light and even rode up on to a motorway.

Luckily the woman was seen by Towanna Murphy, a radio presenter from Cordova in Tennessee, US, who was driving her SUV with her young son in the back.

She quickly drove alongside the woman and asked her if she needed help, and the OAP answered 'Yes'.

With what appeared to be an oxygen tank attached to the back of her scooter and seemingly disorientated, Ms Murphy tried to guide her to the side of the road while allowing other cars to get passed safely.

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