Young Woman Murdered In Mexico Exposes Her Attacker In Bloody Video

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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A young woman found dead in the street with her head in a plastic bag, acid sprayed in her face and her eyes gouged out, named her abusive boyfriend in a shocking video shortly before he is alleged to have killed her.

Escort Kenni Finol, who 'dreamed of being like Paris Hilton', was left unrecognisable after a serious assault at the end of last year left her badly injured.

With a puffy, blood-stained face, Kenni decided made a video about the attack, begging the man she claimed was responsible to give her time to heal so she could flee the country.

Speaking to the camera, she claimed how her ex-partner Brayan Mauricio González violently attacked her, put a gun in her mouth and threatened to kill her.

Four months later, on February 25, her dead body was found mutilated in the street outside a school in Mexico.

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