Video Of The Accident That Killed A Teenager

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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The record shows how a group of teenagers approached an adjustable transition.

One of them rushed through the roadway. At the same time, apparently, at the time, pedestrians were burning a traffic light signal.

A few moments later the schoolboy knocked the car.

According to the media , the victim - 13-year-old Timur M., died at the scene of the accident before the arrival of doctors.

According to some , teenagers could play "Run or Die" - a dangerous "entertainment", the essence of which is that the participant must run in close proximity to the passing vehicle. Official sources do not confirm this version yet.

Note that this week in Rybinsk, there have already been serious accidents involving minors.

So, last Thursday, March 22, a car hit a zebra on a nine-year-old girl. The incident hit the registrar's lens.

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