DEM CIVIL WAR! Democrat Claire McCaskill UNLEASHES On Fellow Democrats, Especially Elizabeth Warren! "I Don't Care What They Think"

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill (Mo.) claimed in an interview airing Sunday to not care about the national Democratic Party message as she seeks re-election in a state President Donald Trump won handily in 2016.

Asked by MSNBC's Kasie Hunt whether the national Democrats understood the pain felt by Missourians, McCaskill was dismissive.

"I don't know. I don't care. I could care less what the national party thinks or what they're doing," McCaskill said. "Nothing is an easier question for me to answer than, ‘Aren't you worried about the national Democratic Party message?' No, I'm not. I don't care what the national Democratic Party message is."

Hunt chuckled at McCaskill's tone, as she reeled off a list of issues facing Missouri citizens like drug prices and expanding broadband.

"The national stuff? Eh. I don't care," she said.

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