BUSTED! Hidden Footage shows Left-Wing Actor, Morgan Freeman, Caught on Camera Acting CREEPY AF!

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Morgan Freeman apologized Thursday for sexual misconduct with multiple women. However, certain instances in which Freeman displayed creepy, unsettling behavior with women have been caught on tape and were released Thursday.

A producer for WGN in Chicago named Tyra Martin had an extremely uncomfortable experience with Freeman. She had interviewed him many times and alleged that he constantly made comments that were sexually charged.

One encounter with Freeman left her feeling uneasy after Freeman had allegedly asked her not to pull her skirt down as she was getting up from the interview, but it remains unclear whether this encounter was recorded on-camera.

There was, however, an instance between Martin and Freeman that was caught on tape. Martin asks Freeman if he is enjoying the life of a bachelor, to which he responds, “I’m enjoying bachelor life immensely, because I get to look at you and drool.”

Another instance was caught on-camera in which Freeman was staring at the HLN guest Chloe Melas’ leg area and said bluntly, “Boy do I wish I was there,” while in the middle of a discussion about pregnancy. She was six months pregnant at the time.

At least eight women accused Freeman of sexual misconduct.

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