Oklahoma gunman posts video of 'demonic birds laughing' at him at work

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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Just weeks before Alex Tilghman shot up a packed restaurant in Oklahoma City, the 28-year-old had made a series of concerning videos about demons.

If his YouTube videos are to be believed, the man who fired his gun into Louie's Grill and Bar on Thursday night, injuring a female veteran and two young girls, believed he was under attack by demons, the devil is 'after my f***ing a**' and that his life was in danger.

Tilghman calmly told viewers of a clip labelled: 'Please Contact Me If Your [sic] Real' he was under 'a hardcore amount of attack' and needed 'some real people in my life'.

'I've just been dealing with a lot of shit recently and so I'm pretty stressed right now... I apologize, I'm not doing well, doing really really bad right now,' he said.

'My life is in danger.'

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