Sobbing wildlife sanctuary owner finds lions and rare tiger poisoned by poachers who wanted their heads for black magic rituals

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Animals
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A distraught predator park owner has filmed the heartbreaking moment he found three of his lions and a rare golden tabby tiger dead after being targeted by poachers for body parts.

Weeping South African Justin Fernandes, 32, who rescues big cats and looks after them for life, came across this horrific scene after intruders fed his magnificent beasts deadly poison.

He had been alerted by the howling of his wolf at the Jugomaro Predator Park in Limpopo, and broke down in tears when he went outside to investigate.

He found his white lion Elvis dying in agony and lying dead nearby was his extremely rare golden tabby tiger called Kai of which there are only 30 left in the world.

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