Democrats are STILL Defending Latin Gang Who's Motto is "Rape, Torture, Kill" MS-13 "They Are Not Animals"

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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Trump: "I noticed recently where Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, as an example are trying to defend MS-13 gang members. I called them animals be other day, and I was met with rebuke. They said they’re people. They’re not people, these are animals. And we have to be very, very tough." (Cheering and Applause)

Andrea Mitchell: "Is he winning this argument against the Democrats?"

Rep. Joe Crowley: "He will always have his audience, there’s no question about that."

Andrea Mitchell: "He’s got a bigger megaphone than the Democrats do."

Rep. Joe Crowley: "He does. That’s also unfortunate. Because what he's doing -- we can all agree to suggest that Nancy Pelosi or any of us do not want to rid our society of MA-13 or any gangs whether it'd be foreign-born or domestic-born is absolutely outrageous. Outrageous. But he also with that same brush paints immigrants and all immigrants, he's done -- this is not the first time, he's done it before. You know, calling any human being an animal regardless of what they are about, we want the get rid of them. We want them out of country. These are human beings. They are still human beings."

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