NYCs Libtard Dem Mayor, Bil De Blasio Is FURIOUS NFL Team Owners Passed a "No Kneeling" Law to Stop National Anthem Protests

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Eddie Glaude Jr.: "Talk a little bit about what those protests are actually all about and how you've addressed them."

Bill de Blasio: "They're an expression of pain. I think we have to understand the notion that protests say we have something happen that doesn't conform to our American values and has to end and can end. And this is why I don't find it a hopeless situation. I think it's a situation. Here in New York City, we had a long history of tensions between police and community. We've come a long way to heal that. Again we're the safest big city in America because we've gotten police and community more on the same page because we did things like teach police officers to deescalate."

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