The Iranian Democrat John Kerry Met with to Stop Pres. Trump Chants "Death to America, Death to Britain"

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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The Obama administration’s “deal partner” and pallet of cash recipient came to have a change of heart about the United States as a result of all John Kerry’s goodwill gestures. JUST KIDDING: -- Arsen Ostrovsky: “Oh oh oh, but do tell me more how @JZarif is such a moderate?#Iranian FM caught chanting 'death to US, UK, Israel-- Ofir Gendelman: “Here is Iran's "moderate" Foreign Minister @JZarif CAUGHT chanting "Death to America, death to Britain." Iran calls daily to annihilate other countries and sponsors terrorism worldwide. As Iran's nuclear archives proved, it worked on developing nukes. Don't let Iran do that.”

Well isn’t that special? Comment, Ben Rhodes? Ha! As if. Narrator: Rhodes decided to ignore the question. Obama’s best friend! With “friends” like these…

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