"Stop Resisting" Police officer wrestles Drunk Mother to the ground and punches her in the head as terrified toddler watches on

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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This is the moment a police officer wrestles a young mother to the ground and punches her in the head in front of her toddler and shocked onlookers at a US beach.

The footage, which went viral at the weekend, shows Emily Weinman, 20, kicking her legs in the air as she is forcefully pinned down by two police officers who can be heard shouting, "stop resisting" before one punches her twice in the head, forcing her face into the sand.

The young mother claims the violent incident was sparked when she made a comment to the two officers, who were breath-testing beach-goers and checking for underage drinking, asking, "don't you have anything better to do?".

Just moments before, she said she had passed a breathalyser test, and had shown the officers the sealed alcohol the group had with them on the Memorial Day weekend.

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