Anti-Gay MSNBC Host, Joy Reid, Flat out REFUSES To Read Pres. Trump's Tweets "That's What He Wants Us to Do"

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Joy Reid: "Good morning on “A.M. Joy.” The same could be said about the reality TV presidency of this polarizing cocktail of government where buzz words and branding go a lot further than actual facts. A allowing him to play victims of his fans. Which is why now as we pass the one year mark on Robert Mueller problem, we are seeing trump distracting from the real crisis dogging his presidency. The president of the United States obstructed juice in an attempt to cover it up. The fake scandal that Trump scripted in the media has a name, one that we are not going to repeat this morning. It has tweets go with which I am not going to read because reading the tweets is what he wants us to do. The FBI under President Obama spied on Trump campaign in 2016. The crusade that’s fuelling the trump train and forcing the rest of us to ponder. So little with trump’s lies and chaos and confusion that you can avoid taking the fall."

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