15 Year Old British Girl Ignores "Gag Order", Posts Video Explaining Tommy Robinson's Arrest

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This is Stacy, a bright, young and 15-year-old girl from outside of London England expressing her views on her disgust at the arrest of #TommyRobinson.

The rest of the is commentary from different sources but have them blocked in the United Kingdom. The question here remains, is the left and far left out of control in Great Britain? #Judge #GeoffreyMarson sentenced Tommy Robinson to 13 months in prison and imposed a reporting ban on it.


Previously, the same judge quashed a conviction against a man for downloading indecent images of #children in 2009 - see https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/meehan-abandons-

‘Robinson’, having initially been told he was being arrested for breach of the peace was then convicted - within an eyebrow raising short space of time - of contempt of court for 'prejudicing the outcome of the trial'. That is utter nonsense. The men accused of child on Friday were attending to be handed down their sentence. The trial was already over. Tommy was on public land. He did not enter the court and he reported directly to his Facebook livestream.

Conversely, this is a link to an ongoing child sex abuse trial where #BBCNews have in fact prejudiced the outcome of an ongoing trial by quoting a lawyer for the accused in the headline of their article, stating: ''#Rotherham #child #sexualabuse claim 'made up to boost EDL cause''' implying that the defence counsel's submission was a statement of fact: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-44208512


The swiftness with which apparent injustice was meted out to Tommy Robinson is stunning. No, much more than that: it is terrifying. It is 1984 Orwellian.

Without having access to his own lawyer, Robinson was summarily tried and sentenced to 13 months behind bars. He was then transported to Hull Prison.

Meanwhile, the judge who sentenced Robinson also ordered British media not to report on his case. Newspapers that had already posted reports of his arrest quickly took them down. All this happened on the same day.

In Britain, rapists enjoy the right to a full and fair trial, the right to the legal representation of their choice, the right to have sufficient time to prepare their cases, and the right to go home on bail between sessions of their trial. No such rights were offered, however, to Tommy Robinson.

The difference [between what Tommy Robinson did and any reporter] is that the BBC and other mainstream media are determined to give as little coverage as possible to the mass Muslim of infidel girls.

These same cops arrested Tommy Robinson on Friday not because he did anything wrong, but because he was drawing attention to Muslim crimes that they would rather see ignored – and drawing attention, too, by extension, to their own genuinely criminal failure to defend innocent children from what was essentially jihadist torture.

Within hours, according to some sources, Robinson was tried and sentenced to thirteen months in prison. Even in Islam-appeasing Britain, this seems inconceivable. It sounds like Soviet or Nazi "justice," not like British jurisprudence.

However Tommy Robinson may have strayed from the straight and narrow over the years, he is a champion of those victimized children, a voice for freedom, and a living rebuke to the cowardice of the British media, police, social workers, and other officials and public figures who knew what was going on in flats in Rotherham, Newcastle, and elsewhere, but stayed silent.

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