Heroic scuba diver battles to save friend's life after oxygen tank fails 100ft below the surface

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This is the heart-stopping moment a heroic scuba diver battled to save his friend's life after his oxygen tank failed 100ft below the surface.

Bodycam footage shows Nick Burke, 37, rushing to help Matt Henderson, 39, in murky waters off the coast of in Perth, Western Australia.

The friends were finishing up their 30-minute fishing dive when they suddenly realised they were in trouble as Matt’s gear was inexplicably failing - and he was losing oxygen fast.

Dad-of-two Nick’s instincts kicked and he pulled out his spare oxygen mask and propelled Matt to the surface in a potentially-deadly emergency ascent.

The pair suffered symptoms of ‘the bends’, which can be fatal, and were rushed to hospital where they spent five hours recovering in a decompression chamber.

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