'Ratfish' with big ears among dozens of odd-looking never-before-see deep sea creatures discovered by underwater drone

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Nature
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China claims to have discovered more than 30 new deep sea creatures by using an underwater drone to explore of the darkest corners of the ocean.

Among the unusual never-before-seen species shown in video footage is a 'ratfish' which has big ears and - despite having eyes - is blind, said to use a lateral line to sense the change of current.

Later in the clip, a group of bright red deep sea shrimps move together across the illuminated and baited drone area and a cutthroat eel attempts to rip the meat away.

The species live in seamounts - ridges caused by underwater 'mountains' - as deep down as 5,000 metres below the ocean's surface in dark and cold climates.

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