Televangelist asks followers to buy him £40m private jet to preach to the world

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A 'televangelist' hinted to his followers he needed a jet worth £40m to preach to the world - as 'that's what Jesus would do'.

Jesse Duplantis, who has owned three different jets in his life, said although some people believe preachers shouldn't have jets, he thinks they need to be on every available outlet to spread the gospel.

He claimed the lord told him he needed to believe in order to get a Falcoln 7X, worth around $54m.

Mr Duplantis asked his followers to help him and his wife fund the plane, according to the Independent .

"We never ask you to give something that me and Cathy don't give ourselves," he said.

In a video, Mr Duplantis says: "Some people believe that preachers shouldn't have jets.

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