#METOO! Gay Executive for Coach's Parent Company CONSTANTLY Sexually Harassed the Straight VP

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Oh, what a creepy web they weaved at Tapestry, Inc.

A lawsuit filed Tuesday accused a gay company executive of sexually harassing a straight co-worker, including "numerous unwanted touchings and endless comments" about oral and anal sex.

Defendant Giovanni Morelli was relentless in his same-sex come-ons toward plaintiff Thomas Gibb, who filed the 15-page suit in Manhattan Supreme Court.

"How is your d---?" Morelli allegedly asked Gibb during a March 2018 business trip to Spain. "Is there any way you would ever consider not being straight?"

Tapestry, Inc., owns the well-known brands Coach, Stuart Weitzman and Kate Spade.

The suit alleged that Morelli became obsessive about Gibb's genitals once the plaintiff was hired March 1 as Weitzman's vice president of footwear development.

Morelli asked Gibb about his package when the men first met, the "opening overture in what became a bombardment of offensive conduct," the lawsuit alleged.

Gibb alleged the company ignored his "multiple complaints" about Morelli's constant comments.

While Tapestry announced last week that Morelli resigned after one year as head designer and creative director of the shoe label, the lawsuit charged that he was actually fired for cause.

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