180° TURN! Now Obama's FBI Director, James Comey, Hopes Trump DOESN'T Get Impeached

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Former FBI Director James Comey said that he kind of hopes that President Donald Trump won’t be impeached because that would let America “off the hook” during an event in Berlin on Tuesday.

A participant at the event asked Comey about his comparison of Trump to a forest fire and whether it’s really true something new will come out of the Trump presidency.

Comey explained that he sees evidence of this change coming in the enthusiasm he has seen around the United States, citing the number of women running for elected office.

“I used to be Republican most of my adult life. No more because I’m ashamed of the Republican Party in the United States,” Comey said.

“But I think all of us in the States have the obligation to push and push that conversation, and I think we will see tremendous growth in the wake of this. I think this reflects an inflection point,” Comey said.

“It’s the reason I’ve made the bizarre statement that, in a way, I kind of hope Donald Trump is not impeached because the American people will be let off the hook,” Comey said.

“And a division would be driven into our culture because there was a coup,” Comey said while using air quotes. “There’s no coup. The American people need to get off the couch. The giant needs to awaken and go to the polls.”

“If we can awaken that giant, America will change,” Comey said.

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