MD's Dem Gov. Candidate Says "God Bless" The Coming WAR with MD Police Fighting Federal IMMIGRATION Police... Vows to MAKE Them Fight.

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Democrat Alec Ross, a candidate for Maryland governor in 2018, said at a debate on Sunday night that he would order Maryland state police to interfere in ICE operations if elected.

“The governor of Maryland actually has a police force that works for him, the state troopers,” he said. “If there is evidence of ICE officers violating the rights of our citizens or of guests, I as governor, would ask the state troopers to intervene.”

Ross made it clear that he is looking forward to any possible violence that would come from his order.

“God bless the confrontation takes place,” he told the camera. The candidate then described the officers of ICE as “bullies” and “thugs.”

In a previous debate, Ross called President Trump a “demented pig demon.”

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