Video Captures a HEADLESS SNAKE Still Attempting to Attack a Man in the Back of His Truck

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Billy Forbus wanted to get a better picture of the rattlesnake that he had shot, but the headless snake struck back as he tried to move it with his blue grabbers.

The Alabama man had shot the large, venomous snake after he had nearly stepped on it while plowing his garden, according to a June 2 Facebook post on his wife, Kerry Forbus', account.

After he finished working in the garden, he used the grabbers to move the now-headless snake to the bed of his truck. He said the snake didn't move around as he took it to the truck.

"I moved it to the truck bed so that I could take it to show my dad and brother what I had run up on in my garden," he wrote on Facebook. "I wanted to show them because they both have gardens and I wanted to let them know to be careful."

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