CNN Host Actually BRAGS That 75% of Illegal Immigrants Aren't Showing up to Court

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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On Thursday's Cuomo Prime Time, CNN host Chris Cuomo treated it as if it were something to brag about that only 75 percent of illegals who are required to show up in court actually make their court dates as he complained about President Donald Trump's push to charge illegal immigrants when they cross the border and keep them in detention, resulting in some being separated from their children as required by law. Cuomo also repeated the debunked claim that illegals have unusually low crime rates, and continued his network's streak of conflating legal asylum seekers with illegals who only seek asylum after they are apprehended.

During a debate with conservative commentator Corey Lewandowski, as the two discussed the issue of illegals committing crimes after they've been deported and reenter the country, Cuomo asserted, "The number of crimes of illegal people in this country -- as you call them -- are lower than the overall crime rate. So if you're worried about people being killed, you got a lot of other places to look." A bit later, after Lewandowski pointed out that there is a proper legal process for asylum seekers to go through separate from those who are caught crossing the border illegally, Cuomo countered, "Except you're separating the kids in those situations, too, now. The asylum people are getting treated like everybody else." A bit later, as liberal CNN commentator Van Jones debated conservative CNN commentator David Urban, Jones also misleadingly claimed that legal asylum seekers are separated from their children, even though it is only done in unusual cases.

JONES: The problem that we have is that people who were doing it the way that you said, people who were not breaking the law, but who are following our law, wound up in exactly the same situation, and their babies were taken, too.

And, concluding the show with his regular commentary, Cuomo responded to President Trump's complaint that many illegals refuse to show up for their appointed court appearances by touting accounts that 75 percent do appear: "Trump says you have to arrest everybody because, if you let them go, they never show at court -- 75 percent show." But the number Cuomo was bragging about still makes Trump's point that a large number of illegals just disappear after being released at the border. In some school systems, 75 percent is barely considered a passing grade.

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