Final Moments of YouTube Stuntman's Life Seen in Harrowing Footage As He Forces Nervous Pregnant Girlfriend to Shoot Him through Book

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These are the final moments of a wannabe YouTube star's life before he forced his nervous girlfriend to shoot him through a book in a stunt which left him dead and her jailed.

Monalisa Perez, then 19 and pregnant with her second child, was advised by Pedro Ruiz, 22, he would be shielded by a thick book as she took aim from close range.

But the stunt went horribly wrong and the bullet went straight through the 1.5-inch book and into Ruiz's chest, fatally wounding him.

Dramatic footage newly released shows him encouraging his terrified girlfriend to pull the trigger, with a bullet inside he says can travel the length of three football pitches.

In a transcript of the moments leading up to the shooting, Perez says: “Babe, I’m not doing this, I can’t.”

“I don’t want to be responsible,” she adds.

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