'Naked hermit' who lived on deserted island for 30 years 'captured' and brought back to civilization

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A 'naked hermit' who is the world's longest-surviving voluntary castaway has been 'captured' and forced to live in civilisation after three decades of solitude.

Surviving with no fresh water, lighters, phones or clothes, Masafumi Nagasaki braves typhoons and biting mosquitoes on Sotobanari, the Yaeyama Islands, in the buff.

He arrived on the island, an archipelago in the southwest of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, in 1989 and has lived a simple life there ever since.

According to locals, it is one of the few islands deserted in Japan where even fishermen rarely stop.

In 2012, then aged 76, he became known as the 'naked hermit' after telling Reuters his only wish was to die on the island he now called home.

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