Moment angry woman vandalizes nail salon captured on camera

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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Surveillance video shows an angry woman trashing a nail salon in Hazelwood, Missouri, pushing over a display of nail polishes and sending dozens of bottles crashing all over the floor. As she walks past the front desk, she knocks items off, sending them flying, and narrowly misses fellow customers while trashing the salon in an anger-filled rampage.

Sara Nguyen, owner of the Happy Nails Salon, shared the footage of her salon getting vandalized on Facebook on Saturday. "This woman vandalized my nail salon, because she was unhappy with services received earlier in the day," Nguyen wrote. "She was offered a repair or refund but she was still not satisfied with the options. We offered to refund and take [the] nails off. She wanted a new set with the refund."

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