Boeing Unveils the Worlds First Hypersonic Passenger Plane, Reaches Speeds of 4,000+ MPH

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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BOEING have unveiled a new hypersonic airliner capable of flying from New York to London in two hours – and that is nearly three times faster than Concorde.

Aerospace firm Boeing have joined the race for a new Concorde as they announced development of the aircraft at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The unnamed aircraft is theoretically capable of flying at speeds of Mach 5 – which is nearly 4,000mph.

And this is almost three times faster than the legendary supersonic Concorde, which is decommissioned in 2003.

Boeing’s new plane would be able to cruise at 95,000ft, which is also 30,000ft higher than Concorde.

It is estimated the aircraft would be able to cross the Atlantic in two hours, and the Pacific in just three.

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