A flaming truck gets driven into right wing newspaper in The Netherlands

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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From Breitbart- A van was driven into the offices of a right-wing Dutch newspaper in Amsterdam Tuesday morning, bursting into flames and causing significant damage in what is being called an attack on the news organization.

The Dutch police said the strike was a “deliberate action” and revealed a manhunt was underway after a suspect managed to escape the scene.

De Telegraaf, the publication targeting at around 4:00 am on Tuesday morning, described the incident as an “attack” in their coverage.

Security footage of the attack released by the newspaper shows the van driving into the glass wall at speed, but only causing limited damage.

The driver of the van then appears to reverse the truck away to make another attempt to ram the building, stalling the vehicle in the process. After his second attempt to ram the vehicle through into the building, the driver disembarks, wearing a heavy hooded coat and carrying a plastic bag. Igniting some form of explosive in the back of the truck, the man then flees on foot. No arrests have been made.

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