Los Angeles Mayor Mixes It up for Fourth Of July It Blows up a Huge Watermelon

Posted by moku 1 year ago in News
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According to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, “this watermelon was completely destroyed by a firework the size of a stick of gum.” Now, we’ve set off a lot of commercially available fireworks in our day yet we have yet to find any the size of a stick of gum that can blow up a watermelon. But now that we know something like this exists, WE WANT TO TRY IT: -- Mayor Eric Garcetti @MayorOfLA: “Fireworks are illegal in the City of Los Angeles and even small ones can cause a lot of damage. This watermelon was completely destroyed by a firework the size of a stick of gum. 🎆 This #FourthOfJuly be safe, find a professional show near you.” -- That was the mayor’s intended effect, no? He’s trying to sell watermelon-killer explosives?

Liam Dillon @dillonliam: “I feel like this incredibly awesome video may not have its intended effect of reducing interest in fireworks.” -- Marc Luber @JD_COT: “Are you trying to tease us all? That video made me want to buy fireworks!” -- Chris Owens @Chris_J_Owens: “I need to know what was used in the demonstrations… because reasons.” -- Paul Farhi @farhip: “Millions of people thinking the same thing: How can I get my hands on some of these awesome gumstick fireworks?” -- Mitchell Prothero @mitchprothero: “Are you trying to entrap me into blowing up fruit with exploding gum? Are you a narc?” -- Don’t feel guilty … everyone wants to blow up a watermelon after seeing this: -- Gabby Velasquez @not_gabriela: “I feel so guilty that my first instinct is wanting to blow up a watermelon.”

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