African Socialist, "Black Hitler' Aka. Gazi Kodzo, BERATES Whites at the Gay Pride Parade, Claims Basically Everything Is African Created

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If you go on YouTube and search for the term “Black Hitler”, the first 10 search results are all about the same person: Gazi Kodzo.

There’s a reason why.

Gazi is a self described “black supremacist” activist who often argues for white genocide and “reparations for black people”. His beliefs and views are so self contradictory and absurd that anyone who looks through his social media accounts is left wondering how anyone could possibly believe the things that he does.

For instance, Gazi rejects homosexuality, because he believes homosexuality is social construct created by white Europeans to oppress the black race. He also believes all other homosexuals are anti-black subhumans, supposedly because of the conspiracy theory that white homosexuals purposely made sure the “African SLG” communities didn’t get as much contraception and safe sex education during the AIDS epidemic as white homosexuals did.

Gazi also happens to be gay.

However, he prefers to call himself “same gender loving”, which he argues, is totally different from being homosexual.

Gazi also happens to be a stern anti-Semite (hence the name “Black Hitler”). He describes the Holocaust as “white on white crime” and wonders why people care so much:

“The holocaust was white on white crime, it was an attack on white lives and that’s why y’all care so much. That’s why Jews have hundreds of holocaust Museums in America (even though that shit didn’t happen here) you know what did happen here? African genocide and we don’t have ONE fucking museum for that. You know what did happen here Native American genocide and you can barely find a museum for that.” -Black hilter

He describes white Jews as “fake” Jews, who are guilty of everything that “Mayo Saxons” (his nickname for white people) are guilty of.

Gazi’s “Afro-centrist” identity and his views on homosexual are extremely hilarious, when you consider the fact that homosexuality is illegal in more than half of Africa’s nations, and punishable by death in four.

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