Petrified ghost hunter throws up in fear after coming face-to-face with 'trickster ghoul' in haunted mine

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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A ghost hunter came face-to-face with a 'spirit' with 'such a strong presence' that it made him vomit and 'feel dizzy'.

Xavier Hunter, 38, had heard the tales of the 'restless spirits' of the miners who had been trapped in the dark tunnels and wanted to investigate.

The mine was also known as a prime spot for witches to gather and practice their magic.

Intrigued by the spooky stories, Xavier ventured into the mines at night, located 25 miles outside Las Vegas, Nevada, armed with his camera and pal Kaytie.

As the pair began to explore, they were overwhelmed by the stench of rotting meat and the sounds of strange growling.

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