Fox News Female Reporter Forced to Flee after Liberal Protesters Threatened Her Life

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Bream repeatedly elaborated on her tweets during Fox News @ Night with the first coming while speaking to Nebraska Republican Senator Ben Sasse in the A-Block.

Sasse pointed out that the interview was supposed to have taken place at the Court, but “it was a little loud out there” and Bream added that “it got a little too rowdy out there at the Court tonight.”

“Last year, there were certainly protesters out there and there was definitely opposition to justice Gorsuch upon his name being announced that night. Tonight, we saw something different. We did have a plan to have our show out their live. It got so volatile at points that we — we ultimately didn't feel like it would be safe to do an hour of live television out there,” she explained.

Throughout the show, she again hinted at it, telling panelists at the end of one segment that “[t]here’s definitely no kumbaya happening out there on the steps, but there is here tonight” while stating in another to Tony Perkins that there were “folks out there on the steps of the Supreme Court” that aren’t fans of him.

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