Runaway horse thrown into mid-air after galloping head-on into BMW on main road

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Accidents
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WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: The animal was thrown on to the bonnet of the car after it ran head-first towards the car

This is the horrifying moment a runaway horse crashed head-on into a BMW in the middle of a busy road, sending it flying.

The shocking video footage was recorded by a woman travelling in another car who can be heard sounding shocked at the incident unfolding before her as she watched the horse smash into the bonnet of the car coming in the opposite direction.

The woman, filming in Jiaozuo City in China last Monday, can be heard saying: “There is a horse on Jiefang Road. Oh…”

The animal is hit by the car and is thrown on to the air - but witnesses claim that amazingly, the horse was able to get back on its feet and walk away.

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