Woman goes on racist rant while vacationing in US Virgin Islands

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A racist North Dakota white woman has been dubbed 'Virgin Island Vicky' after a video went viral of her shouting her love for Trump while calling black people 'n*****s.'

Video posted by Tariq Nasheed on Friday shows the obnoxious woman going on her expletive rant while a man in the background can be heard trying to quiet her down.

'Good morning folks. Meet 'Vicky'… Vicky is a Trump supporting white supremacist,' he said in the post that has been viewed just under 500,000 times. 'Vicky went on vacation The US Virgin Islands — which is full of Black people — to express how much she hates '[N-word] with a passion'. Anyone here recognizes 'Vicky' from their community?'

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