DISGUSTING: Lawyer Films Her Abusive Ex Boyfriend Beating Brutally Beating Her

Posted by moku 10 months ago in WTF
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Occurred in Goiânia, Brazil.

Google translate: "A video that started circulating on social networks on Tuesday shows Victor Junqueira, 24, assaulting his ex-girlfriend, lawyer Luciana Sinzimbra, 26. Victor is a pilot and son of the former mayor of Anápolis.

The images, recorded by Luciana with a hidden camera, show the victim crying and trying to dodge the ex-boyfriend's aggressions, which included punching, tapping and hanging. Luciana tried to talk and asked him to stop, in vain: "I'll beat you more," replied the pilot.

The case happened in the early hours of December 14, 2018, but only came to the public after the video began circulating on social networks on Tuesday. The assaults are being investigated by the Specialized Police Station in Assistance to Women (Deam) in Goiânia."

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