Cuba tornado: Three dead and 172 injured as Havana struck by devastating storm

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Nature
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Three people are dead and 172 are injured after a tornado tore through the capital of Cuba, causing damage to homes, plunging neighbourhoods into darkness and flooding coastal areas.

People in the worst affected neighbourhoods in Havana have been warned to stay indoors after the violent storm tossed vehicles like toy cars and littered streets with debris.

Dramatic footage and images shared online show the devastating aftermath - overturned or crushed cars, roads blocked by fallen trees, and structures that were battered by strong winds.

A hospital that suffered severe damage was evacuated, and rescuers were going through rubble looking for victims.

Residents said the tornado sounded like a jet engine when it hit with strong winds, heavy rain and hail on Sunday evening.

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