18 wheeler running cars off the road and then stands off with police with a machete

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Police say 33-year-old Michael Mack of Baton Rouge is the man who caused chaos on I-10 leaving behind a trail of damaged vehicles and holding off officers for hours with a machete.

It all started on I-10 near the Pilot Truckstop. That's where the Mobile County Sheriff's Office says Mack intentionally hit a Mobile County Ambulance with his semi truck.

EMS drivers say they had reported Mack driving recklessly and called dispatch to warn them, meanwhile turning on their lights and approaching the truck. That's when, the EMS workers say, Mack got angry and veered toward the ambulance.

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office says Mack hit three civilian vehicles as well before leading police on a chase and a stand-off across the state line in Mississippi, while armed with a machete.

Mack is being charged by MCSO with 2 counts of attempted assault, 5 counts of reckless endangerment and 3 counts of criminal mischief. He's charged with felony pursuit in Jackson County, along with 3 counts of aggravated assault against a police officer, 1 from Jackson County Sheriff and 2 from MHP.

Mack was given no bond on any charges as the judge felt he’s a danger to the community, according to the Jackson County Sheriff's office.

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