Detroit policeman racially taunts woman after seizing her car

Posted by The King Slayer 1 year ago in WTF
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A Detroit police officer was caught making fun of a black woman by filming her as she walked home after he had impounded her car in the freezing cold.

Footage posted on Tuesday shows corporal Gary Steele from the Detroit Police Department using condescending remarks as he films 23-year-old Ariel Moore walking away from her car near Stout Street and Joy Road on Detroit's west side.

He and his partner had stopped her for driving with an expired registration.

They offered her a ride but she refused and chose to walk the block home instead.

That is when the cop started filming her and posted the video on Snapchat with the stickers 'what black girl magic looks like' and 'black history month'.

Both are available on the app and are intended to be genuine celebrations of black culture.

In the video, Steele can be heard sniggering and saying 'bye Felicia' as Moore walked away.

The video emerged on Wednesday. Steele has been reassigned to only desk work pending the outcome of an investigation into the video.

His appalled boss, Chief James Craig, will determine once that investigation has finished if he should lose his job or not, understands.

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