Inside Amazon warehouse where protesters claimed they were left 'feeling like robots'

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Working conditions in Amazon warehouses have been a controversial issue.

Only last year, staff at five major UK centres walked out claiming they'd been made to 'feel like robots'.

Workers gathered outside a number of sites on Black Friday raising concerns about their working conditions.

One those was in Peterborough, where Cambridgeshire Live reporter Nicola Gwyer was invited to look around.

The protests took place after a freedom of information request revealed 52 ambulances were called out to the facility between June 2015 and June 2018.

The Amazon fulfillment centre in the city, known as the EUK5, has operated for almost 10 years.

It employs more than 1,000 people, as well as temporary agency workers and a further 1,500 staff at busy times like Christmas and Black Friday'.

Nicola was shown around by site lead, Martin Cox, who has worked at the EUK5 for almost a year.

"Before going inside the warehouse, I had some concerns about what working conditions would be like for staff.

I'd seen photos of the site before my visit and had noticed that the enormous building had no windows.

I was worried it would feel like a cage inside - with hundreds of people working long shifts in claustrophobic conditions and no natural light entering the building.

But I was pleasantly surprised by how bright and airy it felt.

The warehouse is vast, with enormous shelves packed full to the ceiling with products waiting to be bought.

The lack of windows was balanced out by the bright lights inside, and the sheer scale of the building made the site feel more spacious than cagey.

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