Destruction of Property And Mob Violence Caught On Camera In Oakland

Posted by The King Slayer 6 months ago in WTF
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Occurred at the intersection of 42nd Avenue and International Blvd, Oakland, CA on April 14th, 2019.

Cell phone cameras caught some of the events at a "side show" event at the intersection and it eventually turned into a small riot. A "side show" occurs when spontaneous crowds overtake an intersection while being entertained by people driving cars and "drifting" in circles around the intersection. The events usually take place in stolen cars and are often used by gang members as a means of distracting police while other crimes are being committed in the area.

A private semi-truck was looted, and along with a transit bus, was then set on fire. Fireworks and gun shots punctuated the event as the crowd disintegrated into the night.

No reports of any injuries or arrests.

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