Indian Man Accidentally Hangs Himself During Prank Call To Friend

Posted by moku 6 months ago in FAIL!
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The incident took place in the village of Daminedu located in the district of Chittoor in the eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh when the 25-year-old mechanic, identified as Siva, prank-called his friend.

According to local media, Siva has been an alcoholic for three years and was said to have been drinking particularly heavily over the last month.

At around 10pm on the fateful evening, he called his friend in a nearby town and joked that he was going to commit suicide by hanging from the ceiling fan.

Although his friend believed that Siva was fooling around, he immediately alerted the police while continuing the video call.

Siva fashioned a noose with a woman’s ‘sari’ garment and tied it to the ceiling fan, as seen in the shocking footage.

In the clip, he is seen waving goodbye to the camera before lowering himself from the bed.

While battling for life, he manages to get his feet on the bed and shift his weight, but he appears to pass out and is left hanging by his neck.

At the end of the footage, loved ones are seen running into the room to try to help the lifeless man.

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