WAR ZONE: Venezuela Military Caught Running over Protesters with Armored Cars

Posted by moku 6 months ago in War
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A Venezuela National Guard vehicle ran over protesters and doused crowds with water cannons outside a military base in Caracas on Tuesday, April 30, after opposition leader Juan Guaido called on members of the military to rise up.

Venezuela's socialist government said Tuesday that an "attempted coup" was under way in Caracas, with opposition leader and U.S. recognized interim president Guaido saying there was "no turning back" in his efforts to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro. Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of the capital, with gunfire erupting and troops loyal to Maduro firing water cannons at protesters. Television footage showed one Venezuela National Guard vehicle running over demonstrators who were throwing rocks at the military.

In video and Twitter messages, the U.S.-supported Guaido said, "Today brave soldiers, brave patriots, brave men supporting the constitution have answered our call."

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