Teenage Girls Attack Friend 'Because She Owed 16 Dollars'

Posted by moku 4 months ago in Absurd Asia
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This is the shocking moment a girl was stripped and beaten by her friends because she owed them money.

The group of teenagers, all between sixteen and eighteen years old, were seen savagely attacking the youngster who was only covered in a blanket in an apartment in Bangkok, Thailand.

They claimed that the girl, who is said to be an orphan but has not been named, had owed them 500 baht (16 USD) for several months.

They attacked her after she was unable to pay them back - then allegedly refused their order for her to become a prostitute to earn money.

Shocking footage which emerged yesterday (24/06) shows two female youngsters, wearing black and blue clothes, were brutally beating their debtor on the floor.

Two males sitting on the chairs were seen laughing while watching her being kicked and several times by girls using shoes and cloth hangers.

Though the girl started sobbing and apologised for having no money, the attacked started pulling her hair before jumping on top of her and violently slapping her face.

Locals in the area said that the girl was the youngest member of the group and is often bullied by them. They said she is an orphan who lives with distant relatives and has no parents to protect her.

Many of them attempted to help her and report it to the police but she often stopped them to so because she thought the teenagers would know and come to attack her more.

Speaking to local media, one resident said: “I have known the girl for a while. She often follows the group to many places in Bangkok because they told her that they wanted her to come and play with them.

“I heard that she’s now suffering from problems because of this. She’s even afraid to tell the police because they might come back and hurt her anytime.”

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